Roles guide

Check out the reference page for a full list of commands.

  1. First, use the roles add or roles create commands to select all roles that people will be able to get.
  2. Select the channel that people will use to get their roles using the roles set channel command.
  3. If you want your role channel neat and tidy, enable automatic clearing with roles toggle clearing.
  4. You're all set! If anyone comes into your role channel and types the name of the role they want, they'll get it.

How to

Deal with role names that are hard to type

You can add an alternative name for a role (an alias) with roles alias add. Your role will then also be assignable by typing this alias.

Set up primary and secondary roles

You can attach a secondary role to any self-assignable role with roles set secondary. This marks the self-assignable role as a primary role. When a person already has any other primary role assigned and tries to get this role, they will get the secondary role instead.

If you don't like this mechanism, you don't need to use it. Just make the secondary roles self-assignable too. Then if you'd like to limit people to only one primary role, use roles group add to add all primary roles in a group and roles group set limit to set the limit.

Show a list of roles in the role channel

Currently there's no automated way to do this, but you can write the list yourself and use the say command to send it into the role channel.

Limit the number of roles people can have

You can organize roles into groups with roles group add. Then you can select how many roles from that group a single person can have with roles group set limit.


I want a role to be assignable with another role's name

Setup an alias for the first role that exactly matches the second role's name (including capital letters) with roles alias add. Then setup a different alias for the second role, so it can still be assigned.

I have two roles with the same name

Setup an alias for one of the roles with roles alias add. This role will then be assignable by typing the alias, while the other role will be assignable with its real name. You will have to use role IDs when using commands with these roles, so the bot knows which role you mean. Use the roles command to list all roles on your server and their IDs.