Schedule quickstart guide

Check out the reference page for a full list of commands.

  1. First, add events to your schedule using the event add command.
  2. To see what events are already in your schedule, use the event list and event search commands.
  3. To remove or edit existing events, use the event remove and event edit commands.
  4. There are multiple ways to display events to your server's members. Look below and pick what best suits your server.

Common uses

I want my server's members to be able to display the next few weeks of upcoming events with a command

You're all set! No additional configuration is required. Just add events and let people know about the schedule command.

I want to have a schedule channel with a list of all future and past events

Use the calendar create or calendar create month commands to setup one or more calendars. A calendar is a permanent message that automatically displays all events in a chosen time period. All calendars automatically update as you add or edit events.

I want to pin a message that automatically displays upcoming events

Use the calendar create upcoming week command to setup a calendar that always displays the next 7 days of events (shown below). If you need to display more than 7 days of events, or prefer the classic calendar format, use the calendar create upcoming command instead.

Optional: use the schedule set ... commands to change the schedule's timezone, display style, or to set a schedule editor role.


I want to manage multiple different schedules on one server.

This is possible by tagging your events. When creating an event, you have an option to mark it with a custom tag. You can then create calendars that display only events with specific tags. Similarly, the schedule command accepts a tag parameter that makes it display events with a specific tag (use schedule all to display all events regardless of tags).